For coffee drinkers

Does it cost me anything?

No, it is 100% FREE to use. Please note, if you use the SMS option, you will incur a standard SMS fee from your mobile phone provider when you send your order.

I just placed my order and there is an issue. What should I do?

Contact the coffee shop as soon as possible. Coffee shop contact details can be found on the TXT4Coffee website.If you are unable to reach the cafe, or for service or billing issues, contact TXT4Coffee via email at

I haven't received a confirmation message for my order.

Check the 'My Account' section of your web login to see if your order has been confirmed.

Should I ever pay for my order at the Coffee Shop?

No, all TXT4Coffee orders are prepaid via your account, so you should never have to pay at the cafe to save you time. Just pick up & go!

My order was wrong!

If you would like the cafe to replace your order, please call them as soon as possible. A confirmation of your order is emailed and sent by SMS, simply present either of these to the coffee shop.

Can I order online with TXT4Coffee?

Of course, this is an excellent way to make a large order for work or groups of friends.

How do I order with a text message?

First, save your order online as a Favourite. You will save all the details as an easy code which includes details of shop, coffee type and any extras.To order, send your order code to 0416907456.TXT4Coffee will use this code and your phone number to order the coffee and send it through the coffee shop.

Will the Coffee Shop read my text messages?

No, the coffee shop cannot read your text messages or see your number. The restaurant receives the orders in a decoded simple format as if you were there making the order.

Why are some of the coffee shops in my area grey and not clickable?

Restaurants are displayed in grey and are not clickable during hours in which they are not accepting orders or when they are temporarily offline. A store has to log into their application for the store to be open for orders, this saves you sending orders to closed stores.

What if an item I want is not on your menu?

There are some items that cannot be made available online due to frequent or daily changes. If you find a discrepancy, or would like an item added please contact the shop.

How do I know the restaurant has received my order?

You will receive a confirmation text message and email once they have accepted the order.

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation email or text message?

If you do not receive a confirmation message within a few minutes, please be sure that your mobile phone has service and that your email and/or text message inbox is not full.

If you still don't receive a message, your My Account section on the TXT4Coffee website will show your order status. If are not receiving confirmation messages each time you order please email

Why my GPS locator on the iPhone app does not work?

This problem most commonly occurs when you either 'dont allow' location services or if your location services is set by default to 'off'. To enable location services, on your iPhone, go to setting / General / Location Services. Make sure this is set to 'ON'. Also scroll down until you find the TXT4Coffee app and ensure this is set to 'ON'

For coffee shops

What equipment do I need?

To use TXT4Coffee in your coffee shop all you need is either an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. It is probably good to get yourself a stand for this device so you can position it beside your POS or ordering area of your shop.

Do I need Wi-Fi?

TXT4Coffee has been designed to work with both 3G (iPhone & iPad) and Wi-Fi (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), but we have found that Wi-Fi connections have a much more consistant performance. We recommend to use your Wi-Fi connection.

Sure this is great for my customers, but what's in it for me?

Efficiency by reducing time in the ordering and payment process, payment security, automatic loyalty rewards, access to communicate with your active customers. Current TXT4Coffee stores are saving on average 50 minutes per many extra coffees can you make in 50min?

How can this be free for customers and shops?x

TXT4Coffee is made free by offering optional paid value-add services to your coffee business by allowing you to use various communication tools to your active TXT4Coffee customers. Advertisements are also delivered as part of the ordering process.